Porch Shades, Shutters, & Screens in South Carolina

Palmetto Outdoor Spaces is the Upstate outdoor living expert, with quality shade solution products for enclosing a porch, covering a deck, blocking sun and heat, and creating beautiful out door retreats. We have everything you need—from screen porch shutters, outdoor porch shades and screens, interior roller shades, and much more.

Serving Greenville, Spartanburg, Seneca, Lake Wylie areas and parts of North Carolina

Premier Pergola Patio Cover Installed in Salem, SC.Louvered Roof patio cover installed in Simpsonville, SC.Winterize your porch or restaurant with Clear Vinyl Curtains installed by Palmetto Outdoor Spaces.Enclose your porch with Clear View Solar Screens to block bugs, heat, and sun glare.Enclose your porch to block wind, rain, and cold with Weatherwell Multi-fold shutters.Keep heat, bugs, and sun glare out with motorized solar screens installed by Palmetto Outdoor Spaces. Louvered Patio Cover opens and closes, installed by Palmetto Outdoor Spaces.
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Palmetto Outdoor Spaces has many outdoor living and interior products for home and business:

Home Exterior & Outdoor Living

◊ Motorized Solar Screens
◊ Porch Shades
◊ Retractable Screens
◊ Clear Vinyl Panels for winterizing porches or winterizing restaurant patios
◊ Porch Bahama Shutters
◊ Window Bahama Shutters
◊ Retractable Awnings & Canopies
◊ Screen Porch Shade Repair
◊ Pergolas that open and close
◊ Cedar Window Shutters
◊ Aluminum & Composite Window Shutters
◊ Sliding Screen Porch Shutters
◊ Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry
◊ Underdecking

Interior Shading

◊ Plantation Shutters
◊ Roller Shades
◊ Woven Wood Shades
◊ Cellular Shades
◊ Wood & Faux Wood Blinds
◊ Dual Shades for Windows & Doors



Palmetto Outdoor Spaces can help you create the perfect outdoor living room of your dreams with our quality American Made products, our experience, and our desire to make customers happy. We also have extensive knowledge of the effects of solar radiation and how to help block the damaging UV radiation that damages structures, increases summer cooling bills, and prevents homeowners from enjoying their outdoor spaces.

We have solutions to stop solar heat gain from entering your home and onto your porch, helping to lower summer cooling bills and allowing for more enjoyment of your porch, deck, or patio. Our motorized and manual solar shades can be installed on windows to deflect radiation and prevent entrance into your home. When solar shades are installed on the outside of windows, up to 95% of solar heat gain is prevented. When solar shades are installed on the inside of windows, up to 50% of solar heat gain is prevented. We have various openness options of Palmetto shades, which allow for a clear view into yard and beyond.

Solar Shades and Screens are perfect for enclosing porches to create an insect free and cooler environment.  At the touch on a remote or wall switch, screens roll up in a beautiful housing that hides screens when not in use, allowing easy access to pool, lake, or yard. Why permanently screen and restrict access, when motorized screening allows for better use of an outdoor space. South and West facing porches are perfect candidates for solar screening.  When screens/shades are dropped during the hottest part of the day porches are 15 to 20 degrees cooler.  Raise screens when sun or insects are not bothersome to enjoy free access.

Palmetto Outdoor Spaces understands that homeowners like enjoying the outdoors and their outdoor living rooms year-round. They want the perfect environment, keeping out insects, winter wind, rain, the sun’s summer heat, and nosy neighbors. We have solutions to create that perfect outdoor living room without compromising the beauty and enjoyment of nature. Still have that open aired feel and connection with nature without permanently enclosing. Some homeowners opt to build a sunroom with permanent windows, doors, and walls; a room that now has to be heated in winter and cooled in the summer. Why not have a better solution.

  • Enclose your porch for the winter with our clear vinyl curtains that block cold wind and rain. Roll them up in the summer when not needed.
  • Enclose your porch with screen porch shades for the summer to keep out insects with our motorized insect screens, like Super Screen.
  • Block the hot afternoon glaring sun with our motorized solar screens. Cool your porch by fifteen to twenty degrees.  Retract screens when not needed.
  • Cover your deck or patio with one of our beautiful pergolas that close to block rain and blistering sunrays. Open to allow sunshine into home and onto porch during cooler months.  Open to allow full views to a starry night.  A traditional porch roof creates a dark environment and permanently blocks sunshine from home.
  • Create a private oasis with our Weatherwell Elite shutters. Louvers open to allow for air exchange, but still block wind and rain.

We offer free consultations with no gimmicky high-pressure sales. We give you the best price the first time. How many times have you heard, “because it is Wednesday Mr. Jones, I can take an additional $250 off”. We do not believe in these cheap tactics just to get sales. The price you are given is still good the next day. We want loyal customers that will be happy and know they made the right choice in selecting Palmetto Outdoor Spaces.

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