Commercial Covers and Enclosures

Commercial Patio Covers, Solar Screens, and Winter Curtains

Palmetto Outdoor Spaces can help create the perfect covered outdoor space for your business.

Are you losing customers to long wait times due to limited seating?  You have outdoor seating, but it cannot be utilized during summer months due to unbearable summer temperatures and direct sun exposure.  Do your customers get driven inside during an unexpected afternoon rain shower?

Take a look at some of our permanent and temporary shade options for sun, heat, and rain protection.

  • Aristocrat Retractable Canopies – Free Standing or Host Mounted
  • The American Louvered Roof – Opens to let in sunlight and warmth during cooler months
  • Premier Pergolas – Can span 20’ between post
  • Aristocrat Awnings – 40’ wide
  • DuraScreen Clear Vinyl Curtains – winterize outdoor dining area

Aristocrat Retractable Canopy

Community Pool Retractable Canopy, Spartanburg, SC.

Retractable Canopies are great for covering community pool areas to provide needed shade for children.  Chose our one fabric option or two fabric option.  The second fabric is made from vinyl to protect patio or deck from rainfall.  Fabric retracts to allow sun exposure when needed during cooler months.

Restaurant outside dining covered with state of the art patio cover, SC.

Draw attention to your outside dining area with an Aristocrat Retractable Pergola.  Create a sophisticated luxurious atmosphere for discerning customers with our beautiful architecturally appealing patio cover.  Protect dinners from rain, heat, and direct sunlight.

The American Louvered Roof

This covered roof top lounge venue is well attended year round by locals looking for a place to park after work.  They enjoy unwinding, chatting with friends, and listening to the occasional band.  In Spring when temperatures are still chilly, the owner opens the louvered patio cover to warm up the space.  He closes when rainfall is in the forecast.  His customers appreciate the ability to open at night to see the stars as they relax.


A Venue to Remember owner in Georgia covered her outdoor area to ensure year round bookings.



Outdoor dining and entertaining is better with the sky in view, during mild temperature months, and the stars are in sight at night when temperatures are cooler.  Atmosphere often times is just as important as the food being served.  Create the perfect outdoor dining experience for your customers.

The American Louvered Roof

  • Open during cooler months to warm outside dining area
  • Open at night to create a romantic open dining setting with stars in full view
  • Close to protect customers from rain and direct sun
  • Open partially to allow hot air to escape and create a 20 degree cooler covered outdoor space
  • Enclose during winter months with our winter clear vinyl curtains

Aristocrat Awnings


Draw customers to your storefront with a cute colorful Aristocrat Awning.

Aristocrat Awnings can project out to 16’.

Create an inviting spot at your business for customers to gather.


image027Add a large retractable awning like the one at this golf country club to give guest sun protection.

Create a comfortable shady spot for diners and loungers. Retract during winter months to allow sunlight indoors.

Choose HUV Fire Retardant fabric, Northport, or Sunbrella.  Aristocrat offers 40’ wide awings, the largest in the industry.

DuraScreen Clear Vinyl Curtains

Protect guest from rain and winds when they dine outside with DuraScreen Motorized Clear Vinyl Curtains. Continue seating guest outside even during harsh winter months after enclosing patio with clear vinyl curtains.

Protect guest from rain and winds when they dine outside with DuraScreen Motorized Clear Vinyl Curtains. Continue seating guest outside even during harsh winter months after enclosing patio with clear vinyl curtains.

Our Snap-in Clear Vinyl Curtains are a great choice for enclosing an outdoor dining space as well.   Add a few of our Solaira quartz  outdoor heaters to warm up the space for winter.  Don’t lose seating  due to harsh weather.

Palmetto Outdoor Spaces can outfit your storefront windows with screenprinted solar shades.  Impress your customers with your logo, store hours, or helpful information printed right on the screens.

Palmetto Outdoor Spaces is your Commercial Shade Solution expert.

Let us help you create the perfect atmosphere for your customers and clients.  Keep them comfortable on a hot or rainy day with one of our state of the art patio covers designed to protect guest from heat, and rain.

Extend the outdoor seating area during cooler months with clear vinyl curtains to block wind and rain.  Chose manual snap-in curtains or motorized roll-up vinyl curtains.  We can also help with choosing the right outdoor heater.

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  • Commerical Patio Covers
  • Awnings
  • Interior Solar Shades
  • Exterior Solar Screens
  • Screen Printed Shades/Screens
  • Clear Vinyl Curtains
  • Outdoor Dining Enclosures – Shutters, Screens, and Curtains
  • Outdoor Quartz Heaters

Coming soon…photos of Premier Pergola installed in Myrtle Beach 24’ wide x 40’ projection.

Offering soon lease option program for business owners…