Considering the options for enclosing your porch this Spring

Are you thinking about enclosing your porch this spring to ward off biting insects, block a neighbor’s view onto your patio, block wind and rain, or late afternoon heat from the sun?

It’s time to consider some options.

7a8ee755-2105-49c8-98a3-36270de501c6After kitchen and bathroom remodeling creating outdoor living areas and landscaping are next on the homeowner’s priority list of home improvements. A great way to create a comfortable outdoor living room is to enclose an existing porch.

One option is retractable screens that hide away when not in use.   Often times homeowners do not need screening throughout the day, only during the hours when biting insects are roaming about.  Other times screen is needed when late afternoon sun or morning sun warms up an area, making it uncomfortably hot.  Retractable screens allow better use of a space by allowing easy access to the yard, pool area, or lake when retracted.  Close easily when needed to keep out insects, block hot summer sun, provide privacy, block wind, or rain.

Insect screen allows for a crystal clear view and cool breezes.  Even our 80% solar block screen allows for clear views of the lake, mountains, or yard, but keeps out harmful UV radiation and cools porches up to 20 degrees fahrenheit. Choose our 95% solar block to keep out rain, wind, and noisy neighbors.

A second option for enclosing a porch is aluminum shutters.  The homeowner can choose fixed, multi-fold (similar to the accordion fold closet louvered doors), swing out, sliding installation, or Bahama style installation.  Installation type depends on elevation and required access to other areas of the yard. Louvers can be opened when shutters are closed for air flow, but still block wind, rain, and heat, protecting guest and furniture.  If privacy is the main issue, shutters are the perfect choice for enclosing a porch.

A third option is to enclose a porch for winter-time use with clear vinyl retractable curtains.  Keep out cold winter wind and rain with clear vinyl curtains.  Retractable curtains stowaway in a protected housing when not needed during fair weather days.

Some homeowners choose to enclose an existing porch with windows or framing some of the openings.  This creates another room that needs to be cooled in summer and heated in winter, disconnecting the homeowners from the outdoors.  Choosing a temporary enclosure allows the use of a porch for its original intent, enjoying the outdoors, but also protecting homeowners from bothersome insects and undesirable weather when needed.

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