FAQ for Palmetto Outdoor Spaces

Frequently asked Questions

Q: I have a stone patio in my yard. Can you put a roof over that?

Yes. Concrete footers can be added to secure the post. Stainless Steel mounting brackets are used to secure aluminum post to concrete pads/patios. Decorative caps are placed over the brackets.

Q: I have an “L” shape house: my deck is surrounded by two walls. Can a roof be installed over my deck?

Yes. The roof can be under soffit mounted or top soffit mounted. Water can be directed to the front, opposite side, or into existing gutter. See pictures in Gallery for example.

Q: I have a “U” shape deck/patio. My kitchen is on one side, the master bedroom on the other, and the deck is in the middle of the two. Will a louvered roof work in that area?

Yes. The roof can be installed with or without post. It can be under soffit mounted or top soffit mounted.

Q: I have a fireplace chimney and a bay window. How can you install a roof around that?

The louvers can be cut onsite to accommodate jet outs and odd shape rooflines. See pictures in Gallery for example.

Q: Where does the water go?

The louvers can be installed perpendicular or horizontal to the home. The direction of the louvers and pitch determine where the water goes: to the front of deck/patio area, to the left or right, into existing gutter on home, or captured in a louvered roof gutter system (optional). Many homeowners chose to pitch roof to front of deck/patio area with louvers running perpendicular to home. This looks like a natural waterfall during a light to medium rainfall.

Q: How do I pay for my roof?

50% deposit at time order is placed…Balance due after installation and your seal of approval…
* Cash
* Check
* Credit Card
* Financing (Suntrust Bank – one of many options)

Q: Will my roof fade or rust?

No. The American Louvered Roof is electrostatic-ally powder coated. The finish will not rust, fade, or corrode. The finish would have to be sanded off.

Q: What color choices do I have?

We have three standard colors: White, Taupe, and Cream
We also have 200 custom colors for an additional charge.

Q: Will a high wind thunderstorm damage my roof?

The roof is wet stamp engineer tested to withstand 146 mph winds. The louvers and rafters are made from thick gauge 100% extruded aluminum, manufactured in the USA. No complaints from hail or wind have been reported by any customer. The mechanical parts are 100% stainless steel. They will not rust or corrode.

Q: What kind of post may I choose from?

·      Aluminum – 100% extruded aluminum
·      Vinyl
·      Wood 6 x 6 treated
·      Wood or Composite Columns

Q: I have an existing Pergola. Can a louvered roof be installed on that?

Yes. We can take a look to see if it is structurally sound to support the roof. Roof weight is on average 2.5 – 3 pounds per square foot. An existing structure can be braced or further secured if needed.

Q: May I buy a roof and install it myself?

Yes. The DIY type can install his own roof. We have training videos you can download. We are a phone call away too.

Q: Does Palmetto Outdoor Spaces also install patios and decks?

Yes. We install from scratch, repair or renovate existing structures. We also install outdoor lighting.

Q: Is Palmetto Outdoor Spaces licensed and insured?

Yes. We use a certified louvered roof installer that has a general contractor’s license with the state and that is fully insured. Our contractor has trained with our corporate installers and has experience with installing the American Louvered Roof. He also has over twenty years of quality construction experience.

Q: Does Palmetto Outdoor Spaces do free estimates?

Yes. We come out to your home free of charge, with no implied obligation. We will measure your area and you can compare color samples to your home. Most times pricing is given to you right then, however, more complicated jobs could take one to two days. Pricing is good for two months, due to aluminum and stainless steel market price fluctuations.