Norman Shutters


The Woodlore™ shutter has a solid MDF core – real wood in an advanced state.  Offering incredible density and strength.  A Patented Polypropylene Coating which protects, making Woodlore™ even more durable and robust.

  • Better consistency and durability than regular wood shutters
  • Better heat resistance than vinyl & PVC shutters
  • Won’t fade or yellow
  • Won’t chip or crack
  • Won’t stain and easy to clean
  • Will not sag when exposed to heat
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty




Normandy® Shutters offer distinctive wood grain with beautiful and natural characteristics.  Phoenix Wood® trees grow back in just seven years, making the Normandy® Shutters an environmental champion with finesse. 

  • Real hardwood
  • Exceptional durability and natural elegance
  • Sustainable and harvested from renewing forests
  • Can be made into curved or specialty angled shapes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Finely Crafted from Phoenix Wood®

The finely grained timber from the tree also known as the “Tree of Eternity”, offers rich, consistent wood characteristics and unparalleled resilience. 


Woodbury® is made from advanced ABS polymer and offers enhanced waterproofing with a UV inhibiting finish.  Stunningly beautiful with an array of options.  A shutter so advanced, it’s impervious to humidity and condensation.

  • Advanced Aquashield™ waterproofing is standard
  • Resist moisture, shrinking, and warping
  • Expanded color palette with gallery of whites, and off-whites
  • Wide panel ready up to 36” across for great views
  • Won’t chip or crack
  • Wont’ stain and easy to clean
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Inspired Design

Next Level Performance


Norman’s® Very Best

The ultimate in construction and materials, featuring the most custom options Norman offers. Sussex is designed for those who demand the best. 

For unparalleled beauty, quality, custom options and premium materials, Sussex® is the most distinguished choice. 

Sussuex® features the widest array of options, providing unmatched customization for movement, finish, color, hardware, and shapes. 

InvisibleTilt: Tilt whole panel of louvers easily without a tilt rod. Offers streamlined appearance, tighter closure, easy cleaning and wider view.

PerfectTilt: Adjust shutters safely and easily with the motorized tilting system.  Great for skylights and hard to reach windows.  Solar power also available.

Optimal antimicrobial treatment:  Safeguard your shutters from accumulating airborne germs.  Optimal™ is a perfect solution for homes with young children or the elderly. 

Custom color match: From bright fuchsia to midnight blue, Norman® has you covered with their custom color program.