Be a Master Griller with These Tips

Take the tongs and the grilling post from dad this Father’s Day. Give him the break he needs and cook like a champ in his place with these tips.:

1. Get the heat just right by creating heat zones. 

On a charcoal grill pile hot coals in the center. leaving the outer edges with a lower level of coals.  Sear food in the middle of the grill over the hotter coals and then move food to the lower coal area to evenly cook food without burning. Add two or three more briskets to the center pile to keep the coals hot.  

On a gas grill, leave one burner on high, another on medium.  Sear food to seal in moisture and move to lower temperature side of grill to finish cooking.  This prevents burning or over/under cooking.

Most grills have vents.  Allowing air into covered grill draws in oxygen that creates hotter coals. Open vents.

2.  Add smoke.  

Whether you grill over gas or charcoal, use hardwood logs, chunks, briquettes, or chips to impart a smoky flavor to foods. Different wood varieties add subtle flavor. Try applewood for sweetness, mesquite for tang, or hickory for a bacon-like taste.   Soak wood in clear water before adding to grill.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.21.15 PM3.  Add flavor before grilling.

Emerse food in marinades a few hours before grilling. Acidic liquids not only add flavor, but also help tenderize, such as lemon juice, vinegar, and wine.  If time is running out to marinate use a dry rub or glaze, just before grilling with a rub and right after flipping with a glaze.  

4.  Remove meat from refrigerator twenty to thirty minutes before grilling time.  Allow to sit at room temperature during this time.

5. Do Not poke or flip too much.

Follow recipe directions for grilling times.  Do not flip meat more than once per side.  Flip when grill marks form.  Do not poke more than necessary to check for doneness.  Juices escape when poked.  For steak, press with finger.  Rare steaks feel soft and spongy, medium has a spring, well done is firm.  Use a thermometer to ensure proper cooking temperature for chicken and pork.

Meat continues to cook after it is removed from heat.  Remove from heat when desired temperature is almost reached, about five degrees shy.  It is tempting to dig in right away, but flavor is lost when meat is cut.  Allow juices to distribute evenly throughout meat. Let it take a five minute nap before slicing.

6. DO NOT cross contaminate.

Be careful to use one plate for raw food and a clean plate for cooked foods.  Use separate utensils as well.  Never use the same tongs used to place raw meat on grill as to remove. 

Skew all vegetables together on skews and meats on different skews.  Vegetables take less time to cook than meats. 

Stop cooking like a caveman and start cooking like a Grill Master.

Stop cooking like a caveman and start cooking like a Grill Master.

7. If you are still having trouble mastering the charcoal grill or gas grill, take a look at the PW Sikes Moist Heat Cooker.  See our Facebook page and Youtube for more information.

The Sikes Cooker grills, bakes, roast, sears, and imparts moisture.  Never ruin an expensive piece of meat again.  Cook like a pro and be the envy of the block with a PW Sikes Cooker.  

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