Motorized Retractable Clear Vinyl Care and Operation

Clear vinyl motorized retractables are designed to provide comfort on a porch, patio or lanai, extending the use of those spaces throughout the year. Be mindful though of clear vinyl vulnerabilities.

After Your Panels are Installed:

  1. Leave panels down for at least 96 – hours with the bottom weight bar about one-inch above floor. This allows for vinyl to straighten.
  2. The vinyl panels should NEVER be rolled up wet.  They should dry completely, otherwise they will start to cloud.  Panels will also stick and not roll back down or up properly.
  3. Creases and ripples in the vinyl are expected.  When panels are rolled down on a sunny day, the solar energy will help relax them. Ripples or rolls are expected to be present at welds, where clear vinyl meets solid vinyl borders. Solid vinyl is required to limit sticking.  Clear Vinyl shrinks and solid vinyl does not shrink. This causes ripples or waves at welds. This is the nature of the product.
  4. Vinyl will stiffen in colder weather and will not roll down as easily; especially Strataglass or Crystal 20/20.  
  5. To prevent damage, do not roll down panels in temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Vinyl becomes brittle at -10 degrees Fahrenheit.  Do not manipulate.  Add a space heater to warm them when wind is blowing and moving deployed panels.
  6. Panels can be troublesome to operate when temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Please do not operate. Motors will not work.
  7. Ensure that no obstacles are in the path of the panels.  Always be present when lowering and lifting panels.  Never use the all down button.  Operate panels one at a time.

 Proper Care, Operation, and Cleaning are vital to ensure many years of trouble-free use.

 Important Things to Remember:

  • Cloudy Vinyl
    Clear vinyl may become cloudy if moisture is trapped in when the panel is rolled up or condensation occurs. To remove the whiteness, expose the panel to direct sunlight during the day.  This usually helps it to disappear.
  • Wavy Vinyl
    Waves may form on panel(s) if rolled up for a prolong time. On a hot day allow panels to be exposed to sun and to be thoroughly warmed.  The waves will relax. Some ripples and waves are still expected at welds.
  • Water Shed
    Build-up on the surface of panels may cause poor water shed off the clear vinyl panels.  Wash thoroughly first then polish.  See cleaning instructions.  Invest in high quality soft automotive surface cloths or mitts.

Clear Vinyl shrinks in direct sunlight, especially if left down in the summer months.  Clear Vinyl shrinks during cold months. Leave down during cold seasons.


  1. DO NOT Leave panels rolled up over prolonged periods of time. Fold Distortion will occur.
  2. Roll-up panels when not attended to avoid damage, clouding (due to trapped moisture accumulated over night when down). Leave a small opening at the bottom to allow for air egress.
  3. Clean and remove debris by spraying down with a water hose first.  Do not pressure wash.  Be mindful of possible grit on panels.  Grit will scratch panels and leave marks. Always wet panels before cleaning.
  4. Use an automotive grade soft cloth or mit to wipe polish panels and to polish panels.
  5. For Fenestra Clear Vinyl use 303 Aerospace Protectant .
  6. For Strataglass use IMAR Strataglass Polish or Collinite Insulator Wax.  
  7. DO NOT us Rain-X or Plexus.  This will cause hazing discoloration and distortion over time.

Instructions for cleaning:

  1. Drop panels all the way down.
  2. Spray with a garden hose, cleaning off lose gritty debris.
  3. Remove cassette cover.  Place in a safe place out of the way to avoid tripping over or damaging.
  4. While panels are down wipe with a clean soft mitt or automotive grade soft cloth with specified cleaner.
  5. Starting at the top of the clear vinyl panel begin to roll up panel slowly or stopping intermittently to access opposite side of panel.  Wipe down panel as it rolls forward.  This is the back side that cannot be accessed otherwise. Use cleaner with mitt or automotive grade soft cloth. Continue this process until back side of panel is cleaned.

Link for photos:

Two Most Popular Clear Vinyl materials on the market:

Fenestra and Strataglass are two of the most popular clear vinyls on the market.  They come in 52” wide x 108” tall sheets.  Clear on clear welds are required and solid color vinyl is required for borders.


With high flame standards and a very minimal shrinkage factor (1%), Fenestra clear vinyl is the clear choice for outdoor enclosure projects. These include restaurant windows, patios, sunrooms, greenhouses, marine enclosures, and boat windows.

Regalite Fenestra’s uncoated, press-polished vinyl material makes it easy to clean. A lightweight option, this 20-gauge clear vinyl handles easily.

The flame-retardant clear vinyl sheets are great for commercial use.


A Crystal Clear vinyl sheet, Strataglass operates well in the roughest conditions. Strataglass has been an industry leader for over 20 years. This is largely thanks to their exclusive VueShield™ finish that offers resistance to hairline scratches and swirl marks common in clear vinyl. It also provides added UV resistance and an anti-glare additive. These UV-resistant clear vinyl sheets excel where brilliance of clarity and lack of distortion are desired.

This pliable vinyl sheet resists stains from overspray, runoff, and pollutants. The press-polished vinyl material features UV-blocking urethane to inhibit hazing. Uses include dodgers, boat covers, marine windows, boat curtains, awnings, patio enclosures, and others.

Strataglass is a 30-gauge clear vinyl press polished 3-ply sheet.

Product Note: For a longer service life, clean with IMAR™ Strataglass Protective Cleaner and use IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish monthly.

Trademark: Strataglass® is a registered trademark of Strataglass, LLC.





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