Our Patio Projects in Greenville, SC

Inviting Patio in Simpsonville.

image012Imagine your space looking this inviting. It can be achieved with an American Louvered Roof, the remote controlled pergola. It’s obviously not your standard boring patio cover.

Have Sun when you want it and Shade when you need it. Just with a touch of a button you can adjust the amount of light you prefer on your patio.

These homeowners in Simpsonville have a U-Shaped deck. They had a new retractable awning; however, the awning trapped hot air underneath. They also had trouble with the pitch,when it was extended. The awning when opened was too low for some of their taller guest to walk under without stooping to avoid hitting their heads. image015They decided to have Palmetto Outdoor Spaces replace it with the American Louvered Roof patio cover.

The American Louvered Roof can be opened partially to allow hot air to escape, but still blocking sun. The UL Wet Listed Fan cools their space by 15 degrees. This roof is installed with a pitch from right to left to allow rain water to flow into the left side gutter. The louvered roof can be installed so that water can run in ever which direction the homeowners prefer. image016

The louvers in this install run horizontally with the back of home. Louvers can be installed to run perpendicular as well, installed with a 1.5″ to 3″ pitch. The pitch is dependent on the louver length. Rain water will run off of louvered roof in direction of louver length.

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