Commercial Patio Covers & Enclosures

- A commrcial retractable awning was added to this golf club to give customers cooler outdoor seating . These retractable awnings are available in Greenville - Spartanburg - Anderson. Add a louvred roof to your outdoor seating area. The restaurant owner loves her extra profits after offering better climate seating outside. Restaurant Patio Cover
Add Colored Solar Screens to your business store front. Not only will harmful fading UV Rays be blocked, but your logo helps customers find your location.
This Business owner chose a see through solar screen with logo.
Add a decorative door or window awning to your business storefront. Your logo stands out proud on our beautiful awnings, but still protecting the inside from glare and UV Rays.

Palmetto Outdoor Spaces is your Commercial Shade Solution expert. We sell and install powder coated extruded aluminum structures that are manufactured in the USA. We provide the most durable and best commerical patio cover options:* American Louvered Roof Systems – The remote control pergola that opens and closes with the touch of a button provides Shade and Sun. Your customers will be comfortable on hot or rainy days staying cool and dry under this state of the art patio cover. It can be paritally opened to allow hot air to escape, but still shading space. During cooler months the louvered patio cover can be opened to let in the warming sun. Add an above mounted heater to keep the space warm during winter. Never lose another customer due to long wait times for lack of seating again.* Aristocrat Awnings – The longest width retractable awnings available, made from highest quality warranted fabrics that are HUV Fire Retardant. Your customer can enjoy dining outside protected from hot harmful UV Sun Rays.

* Aristocrat Awning Solar Shades – Add UV Protective Shades to your business store front or restaurant. Stop the glaring sun and help your summer cooling bills with a Solar Shade. Add your logo and impress your customers.

* Add a decorative basket or standard awning over your windows or doors. Your logo can easily be printed on the fabric to make an impressive statement to your customers.

Authorized Dealer of Aristocrat Awnings, Canopies and Solar Shades for homes and businesses.

Your customers can sit comfortably outside under an American Louvered Roof Patio Cover. It can open partially to allow hot air to escape, but still shading the dining area completely.