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The American Louvered Roof Systems Patio Cover

House with Louvered Roof
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The American Louvered Roof is like no other patio cover or shingled roof structure. It is custom designed and built onsite to accommodate the most complicated rooflines, soffits, or jet-outs. It works where no other options exist for covering a deck or patio.

We have many residential and commercial patio cover options, but homeowners are choosing the state of the art American Louvered Roof patio cover over others due to versatility and significant reduction in temperature.

The American Louvered Roof patio cover closes to block, heat, UV Radiation, and rain. When open it allows warm sunshine into home and on patio during cooler months. Sunlight is permanently blocked with a traditional stationary awning or shingled roof structure. When opened partially, hot air is allowed to escape and temperatures are 15° – 25° cooler.


  • Lowers deck / patio temperatures up to 25 degrees
  • Protects patio furniture from fading UV radiation
  • Allows hot air and grill smoke to escape out the top
  • Homeowners and guests can still enjoy during a light to medium rainstorm
  • Stars are still insight at night when opened
  • Gives you an open air feel, but still having the protection to cover when needed
  • Looks beautiful installed on any home
  • Can be custom designed and built specifically for your patio
Shaded backyards offer relief from the sun, but not protection from rain. A traditional patio cover that protects your deck from rain, permanently blocks sunlight into home.  The Louvered Patio Cover lets light back in.
Pool with American Louvered Roof


  • Made from extruded aluminum for durability and strength
  • Comes standard to withstand 120 mph wind speeds, but can be reinforced to withstand 182 mph wind loads
  • Electrostatically powder coated in 4-standard colors
  • Nothing to rust, corrode, fade or paint
  • Freestanding or house mounted construction
  • Can be built to any width and up to a 24′ projection
  • Perfect for large spaces, restaurant dining areas, or commercial outdoor spaces
  • Closes to protect patio from heat, UV radiation, and rain
  • Opens to allow homeowners and guests to sit comfortably outside during cooler months, enjoying the warm outside
  • Accomodates Fireplace jet-outs, bay windows, U-shape decks
The American Louvered Roof creates the perfect amount of shade for your deck or patio.  It can be custom built to accommodate jet-outs like this bay window.

 These Greenville SC homeowners love the look and function of their Louvered Roof Cover.  Due to U-Shape and fireplace they were limited on choices for covering their outdoor space.

Design & Construction Process

We first measure the area homeowner desires to be covered. We also measure distance from deck flooring or patio slab to bottom of home’s soffit to determine available headroom. At that time it is determined if American Louvered Roof Patio Cover can be installed under soffit or if it is best to be installed above.

We install UL wet listed fans when we install the American Louvered Roof Patio Cover. This gives the homeowner the maximum benefit of airflow and hot air escape, often times cooling covered area by 25 degrees. Additional headroom is required for homeowners and guest to clear fan blades. The average drop on a fan is 11 inches. A light kit adds an additional 8” – 10”. Some homeowners choose to position a fan over a table; therefore an addition of a fan is not a constraint. So keep in mind your tallest guest or home occupant and then determine the best place for us to install your fan.

The next factor to consider is height of windows and doors. Our American Louvered Roof Patio Cover needs 9” of clearance to open. If your windows and doors have less space between top of frame and bottom of soffit, you may choose to have system installed above soffit. However, this is not the determining factor, it is only something to consider. So take inconsideration these factors and know that most times the optimal distance from the lowest point, if it is the deck cover itself, fan blades out in the open, or a light fixture, is 7.5’ to 8’ minimum.

The next consideration is the direction of the louvers. The louvers are designed with a small well that collects rainwater. When pitch is installed the rainwater flows in direction of lowest point. Depending on your specific desire, you might choose an 1/8” drop to a 1/2″ drop per foot. After many installs we have found that most homeowners prefer a little less than a 1/4 “ drop. This pitch carries rainwater efficiently, but still gives the cover a subtle fall.

The louvers can be installed horizontally or perpendicular to home. The factory has a specific recommendation, but build is determined onsite by designer and homeowner to ensure best use of seasonal sun movement, rainwater shedding, aesthetics, and cost. The homeowner may choose as well to add the American Louvered Roof Gutter System, which not only captures rainwater, but also gives it a nice trimmed look. In the upstate our customers are split down the middle. Many love sitting under the American Louvered Roof deck cover during a rainstorm watching the rainwater fall like a waterfall, others require rainwater to be directed away from home via downspouts.

The next option is the structure that will support the American Louvered Roof patio cover. You may like the extruded aluminum post and beams that American Louvered Roof manufactures. Post are decorative with sixteen corners for holding up to 6800 pounds per post. They are powder coated on the same line as the roof system; so they match perfectly. The American Louvered Roof 5-1/4” beams too, are powdered coated to match by American Louvered Roof Systems. To give the 5-1/2” post a larger look, we have the 8” decorative capital and 8” footer you may select. All made from extruded aluminum. We can build supporting structure from 6 x 6 treated timbers and 2 x 8 treated beams. Some customers have even chosen vinyl post and beams. Composite or fiberglass columns are another great choice.

Considering the many options for design, structure support, and construction, we come to your home, measure, understand constraints, draw up structure, and determine the best way to construct. We also work with HOA’s. Our sketch artist can create a beautiful design specifically for your home. We also have the VisApp program located on the American Louvered Roof website. You may upload a photo of the area you would like to cover, select the size, color, and post construction. This feature helps you visualize the finished cover.

We have many patio cover options to help you create a cooler backyard outdoor living space. The American Louvered Roof System is one of our most popular choices. We can help you find the best option for your space. So don’t let another summer go by without getting the best use from your patio or deck. Some of our projects are posted on our page and we can also drop by to take a look at an install of one of our happy customers.

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Imagine having a beautiful outdoor living space that creates the perfect environment for outdoor entertaining and dining.

The American Louvered Roof patio cover is manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky by Cardinal Aluminum. Louvers, Rafters, Beams, Mounting Bracket components, Post, and Decorative trim are made from 6063 and 6061 Aluminum Billets. After cooling time, they are powder coated to ensure a durable finish.