Aristocrat Retractable Porch Shades & Garage Screens

Aristocrat Awning Solar Screens & Shades for Blocking Sun and Heat

Create a cooler environment outside and inside your home with Aristocrat Solar Screens or Shades.

Protecting Inside the Home: 

Screens installed on the outside of windows block up to 95% of the sun’s solar radiation, and stops heat gain.  Reducing or eliminating solar heat gain into home lowers the need for indoor air conditioning and reduces summer cooling bills.

Solar Shades and Screens also protect floors, walls, and furniture from fading and dry rotting.  They are also great to prevent sun glare.

Close during the hottest part of the day with the push of a button on a handheld remote.  Open to enjoy sunlight during milder temperature days.

We have many screen and fabric options.  Choose our 75% UV Block to keep out heat, fading sunrays, and glare, but never blocking the view to the yard.  Choose 100% UV Block for theater rooms or solid colorful fabrics.   Other UV Block percentages available for minimum and maximum comfort, views, and heat block.


Solar Screens and Shades are great for Sunrooms that get too much sun and heat.

50% of heat entering a home comes in through windows, accounting for 20% of the load on an air conditioner.
American Society of Heating and Air Conditioner Engineers

Choose from the many screen color options.

Create a comfortable dining experience for your customers with solar screens to block heat, and sun glare,  but still allowing a view to the outside.

Protecting the Outside of Home:

Solar Screens and Shades are great for enclosing a porch or patio to keep out biting insects, sun glare, heat, and damaging UV radiation.  Enjoy lazy summer afternoons on the front porch with a glass of iced tea, good friends,  and interesting conversation.  When afternoon sun becomes annoying or too hot for comfort, drop your Aristocrat Shades or Screens to keep the conversation outside.   Choose electric or manual operation.

Solar Screens and Shades not only provide comfort, but also daytime privacy with our solar screens or complete privacy with our colorful fabric shades.

No need to worry about winds blowing screens and shades about.  Our screens are secured along the sides with tracks, cables, rods, or eye hooks.

Zipper Tracks create a sealed environment to keep out insects, dirt, heat, sun glare,  and limits the amount of pollen deposits.

Cable Guided option prevents screens from blowing in the wind.  They can be dropped to maximum length or stopped in any position.  The cable guided installation is a great option for porches that have odd jet outs, hand rails, or large spans.

Rod Guided option prevents screens from blowing in the wind as well.  They are used most often on sunroom windows, commercial windows,  and on other surfaces that do not have a flush plane.

Eye Hook option fasten in one position.  Hooks can be secured to hand rails, to concrete patio, or to porch floors.  They are used most often with our cottage style shades and porch shades.

Our Greenville South Carolina customers needed relief from the searing sun at their Isle of Palms vacation home.   They enjoy afternoons on their porch swing, but as the afternoon sun filled the third story porch, the temperatures rose, sending them and guest inside.  The Aristocrat Cable Guided 75% UV Block Solar Screens provided relief and comfort, blocking heat and sun glare.  A significant difference in temperature is immediately noticed when screens are dropped.  However, beautiful views of the ocean are still insight.

Aristocrat Solar Screens are also a great option for covering garage door openings.  Allow ventilation in the garage without the entrance of bothersome bugs and other flying insects.   Piddle around in your garage enjoying fresh air and privacy when screens are dropped.


Many retirees like spending time in their garage chatting with neighbors, working on a project, or vacuuming out the car.  Keep out sun glare, heat, biting insects, and members of the homeowners association with a motorized solar screen.  Allow cool fresh air in.