Screen Porch Repair and Screen Porch Screening

Palmetto Outdoor Spaces repairs damaged screens, re-screens porches, and installs new fixed screening systems on porches.

Our favorite screening system for screening a porch is the 1 x 2 aluminum spline channel framing system. The framing system has a flat spine channel that accepts the screen mesh and flat spline. This type of channel secures screen mesh in place to keep screen taut. The aluminum frames come in bronze, white, and clay.

Matching standard sized aluminum screen doors and custom sized screen doors are available. Clear View and Phantom Retractable Screen Doors may also be used to allow for easy access to the yard. Matching 2 x 2, 2 x 3, and 3 x 3 cross members are available to create a chair rail or to break up a large span vertically or horizontally. We also install matching 1 x 1 pickets for handrails.


Our favorite screen meshes are Super Screen mesh, Pool & Patio Screen mesh, and BetterVue Screen mesh.
We can screen with any screen mesh preferred by the customer. READ MORE ABOUT AVAILABLE OPTIONS:

» The most economical & commonly used screen material for window screens
» Flexible, will not dent or crease
» Good visibility and air flow
» Color: Charcoal or Gray
» Mesh: 18 x 16, Diameter: .011”
» Best for smaller openings

» For window screens and porch enclosures – offering excellent visibility from the inside, better curb appeal from
the outside, and maximum air flow
» Flexible, will not dent or crease
» Excellent visibility . . . almost invisible!
» Color: Black
» Mesh: 20 x 20, Diameter: .008”
» Ideal for screening large openings – rolls come in sizes up to 108” wide

» Heavy-duty coated fiberglass mesh designed for use in pool, patio, and porch enclosures
» Ideal for larger openings where extra strength is needed. Recommended for sliding screen doors & porches.
» Good visibility and air flow
» Color: Black
» Mesh: 18 x 14, Diameter: .013”
» Ideal for screening large openings – rolls come in sizes up to 108” wide
» Heaviest duty PVC coated polyester mesh made for pool, patio, porch enclosures, windows and doors
» Flexible, will not dent or crease
» Mesh has a UV tolerant property that deflects the sun’s UVA rays lending great color retention and longevity
» Will stand up to high wind blowing debris, golf balls, pet paws and more. Simulated testing has shown the screen
mesh has a 20 year life expectancy, due to the unqiue polyerster yarn that has a superior tear and tensile strength that
outlast fiberglass screen mesh.
» Good visibility and air flow
» Color Black
» Mesh: 17 x 14 standard, and 17 x 20 (keeps out no seeums)
» Ideal for screening large openings – rolls come in sizes up to 120” wide

» Most commonly used for openings where sun glare and heat gain are a problem. Can also be used for privacy.
» Blocks out 90% of the sun’s rays and allows for a 10% view to yard
» Fair visibility with no air flow
» Color Black
» Mesh: 54 x 18, diameter .011”
» Most commonly used on doors where pets jump up or claw at.
» Mesh is made of a durable vinyl-coated polyester yarn that is seven times stronger that fiberglass screen. Stands up to pet climbing.
» Good outward visibility and good air flow
» Color Black
» Ideal for screening porches, windows and doors – rolls come in sizes up to 96” wide
» Most commonly used where the tiniest insects reside, like no-see-ums, gnats, and sand flies near damp marshy or coastal areas. Can be used for windows, doors & porches.
» Fair visibility
» Color Charcoal
» Mesh: 20 x 20, Diameter .013”

Palmetto Outdoor Spaces also sells and installs retractable screens for porch openings, doors, and windows. Some customers chose a combination of fixed screen panels and retractable screen panels for their porch. Call today to schedule a free consultation to see the best option for screening your porch.