ClearView Retractable Screen


What is a Clear View Retractable Screen® System?

Clear View Retractable Screen® Systems utilize the old-fashioned technology of roll-up blinds, updated and advanced to work vertically or horizontally. Our Clear View Retractable Screen® Systems are manufactured with a durable and lightweight aluminum housing that protects the screen cloth when not in use. Within the housing, the Clear View Retractable Screen®System is anchored to an aluminum tube and tension control device.

Clear View’s Patented Speed Reducer insures our doors will retract fully without danger of trapped fingers or a “slamming” return.

Clear View Retractable Screens have the ability to “be there when you need it and gone when you don’t”. In other words, the screen mesh rolls into and out of a sleek powder coated aluminum housing or “canister”. Each canister blends stylishly into the door frame.

Why should I choose a Clear View door instead of a traditional screen door or a storm door?

Have you ever tried carrying groceries through a traditional screen or storm door and got caught on the door handle or have it hit the back of your feet? By choosing a Clear View Door you can eliminate that from happening. The Clear View Retractable Screen retracts into a sleek housing when not in use; this allows for easy pass through and keeps the screen safe from harm.

The Clear View Retractable hides away when not in use, not distracting from the look of a beautiful ornate front door. Try one of our matching wood grain color selections.

Will a Retractable Screen add value to my home?

Considering the value of residential space, it makes perfect sense to create more “livable” areas with high quality products.

Why are screened garages becoming so common?

Since basements and multi-story homes are rare and virtually non-existent in some areas, garage space offers the best option for added living space. Our motorized Clear View MotionScreen™ can virtually transform your garage into a comfortable, pest-free environment.

Are Clear View Retractable Screen® Systems Safe for my Children and Pets?

Our Patented Speed Reducer keeps loved ones and pets from harm’s way by slowing the screen retraction when closing.

Will your screens work on sliding patio doors?

Definitely! Our Clear View Retractable Screen® Systems are often a better choice than typical sliding glass and screen panels which obstruct views and get stuck when trying to operate.

What Exterior Finish will come on my Screen System?

Clear View Products Southeast, Inc. and Clear View MotionScreen™, Inc. offer an alternative to “Wet Paint” finishes that guarantees Excellence, Economy and Efficiency, as well as being environmentally friendly. Powder Coated finishes are resistant to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion and fading from sunlight and extreme weather. Powder Coating looks like paint, but acts like armor. Our Super Slick Rails ensures years of worry free screen glide. It’s tough, attractive and cost-effective, thus making them a far superior alternative that will render years of service.

Do you have a color finish to match my door frame?

We currently offer seven (7) standard powder-coated color choices and over 600 additional Custom Colors to choose from. Wood Grain color options are available, and we have the ability to Exact Match any color.

Can I get a screen that provides protection from the harmful effects of the sun?

Clear View Retractable Screen® Systems and Clear View MotionScreen™ offer mesh that blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays. Consult with your Dealer for more information on offered products to fit your specific needs.

What colors of Screen Mesh is offered for my Retractable Door or Window?

We offer standard insect mesh in grey or charcoal. We also offer SuperScreen™, available in black or white. Solar Screen in black is available, as well some other custom colored screen meshes.

What makes SuperScreen™ so good?

SuperScreen™ is available in every product we manufacture. SuperScreen™ is stronger than standard fiberglass screen. SuperScreen™ also carries a 10 year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Where can our Retractable Screens be used?

We have Retractable Screen Systems available for virtually any door, window or opening in your home or business. Our manual Clear View Retractable Screen® can fit an opening up to 118”h x 128”w, while our motorized Clear View MotionScreen™ can fit an opening up to 22.5’w x 16’h.

How cost effective are Clear View Retractable Screen Systems?

Clear View Retractable Screen® Systems are child and pet resistant, and virtually indestructible! When the screen is pushed in it gives in to the pressure and when the pressure is released, the screen returns to the taut position. No more fragile screens to worry about. In comparison to conventional screen Clear View Retractable Screens® are more durable and over time they become the more affordable option.

Who will Install my Clear View Retractable Screen® Systems and MotionScreen™?

Our theory, is that any high quality product purchased is virtually worthless if it’s not installed properly. Our Certified Installers go through an intense and thorough training process to learn Clear View’s uncompromising approach to Customer Service and installation techniques. Our Certified Installers are friendly, knowledgeable and can help you with any questions you may have concerning your new Clear View Retractable Screen® System.

Why do I need to schedule a consultation if I already know I want a Clear View Retractable Screen®System?

Many times the consultations have multiple purposes. The Dealers are not only showing you the product and your customizable options, but are also looking at the area you want screened. Your door or window opening is measured precisely to ensure it is manufactured to your exact opening.

Do your screens require maintenance and how can I prolong the life of my screens?

One of the benefits of owning a Clear View Retractable Screen® System is that it is virtually maintenance free. We do however, have some basic tips to help prolong the life of your retractable door or window screen to keep it in pristine condition. See our maintenance tips for more information.

What if someone or something runs into my Retractable Screen?

Clear View Retractable Screens are very durable when it comes to accidental impact. After impact, please carefully inspect the screen and aluminum components for any damage. If there are creases in the mesh, please try to smooth them out with your hands. If you are in need of professional service, please contact your installing Dealer.

Clear View Retractable Screens® is the leading solution for ventilating the home. They are great for any entryway, but especially front door entryways.

They hide away when not in use, never covering up a beautiful ornate front door. They work with most sliding, french, swing, or double doors. They can even be installed on windows.

image004Your entryway opening is measured precisely and custom fabricated at the Jacksonville, Florida facility. You may choose from one of eleven standard powder coated colors, many custom colors, or wood grain.

  • Patented Speed Reducer – No Slamming
  • Choose Solar, Standard, or Super Screen
  • Super Screen is tear, puncture, & mildew resistant
  • UV/Heat resistant Nylon components
  • Durable powder coated aluminum housing
  • 11-standard colors, custom, and wood grain
  • Hides away when not in use – never covering up a beautiful door
  • A single retractable can cover up to a 72” wide opening
  • A double can cover up to a 144” wide opening
  • Can cover up to a 110” tall opening (9’ tall)
  • Custom made for your opening at manufacturer

 Standard Colors
Wood Grain Choice Colors


Palmetto Outdoor Spaces can enclose a half wall porch area with retractable screens, depending on the opening width and height. We can also install the ClearView Motorized Solar Screens on your porch or patio.

Retractable Screen Maintenance

One of the exclusive benefits of the Clear View Retractable Screen Door ® System is that it is virtually maintenance free! However, we have a few minor tips to minimize normal wear and tear.

  • Keep the rails free of dirt and debris.
  • Do not scrub, pressure wash, use any harsh chemicals or abrasives on your Retractable Screen System, this could cause damage to the powder coated finish and screen material.
  • Occasionally spray the tracks with our approved dry silicone spray, which should be purchased from your Clear View Retractable Screen®Systems Dealer.
  • If you need to clean your frame or screen material, use a soft cloth and a mild soap like Ivory or Dawn mixed with warm water.
  • When not in use it is best to keep the screen retracted in its housing.
  • Clear View Retractable Screens®are not meant to be used in high wind conditions. During high wind conditions the screen should be in its housing to prevent damage.
  • Avoid pushing on the screen material to open the doors. Using the handles will prevent the screen from wrinkling or tearing.

Never try to make repairs on your screen system yourself. All Clear View Retractable Screen® Systems are installed by Certified Installers who know every aspect of our Screen Systems. Please contact your installing Dealer for any needed adjustment or repairs. Your Screen System will thank you!