Interior Roller Shades & Wood Blinds

Let us help you outfit your windows and doors with Porter Preston Roller Shades and Screens. Not only are our shades and screens beautiful and add a pristine look to your windows and doors, but also function to prevent up to a fifty percent heat gain.

Easy to Operate

Porter Preston Interior Roller Shades and Screens can be manually operated, battery operated, or electrically operated. The homeowner may choose a handheld remote or a wall switch to control the shade/screen operation.

Makes Your Life More Comfortable

Do you have a room that heats up faster than others and stays much warmer than other rooms in your home? Do you adjust your thermostat to accommodate the warmer room? This differential is due to UV radiation entering through a window or door. Solar Shades and Solar Screens installed on windows and doors prevent this heat gain.

Saves You Money

Solar Screens installed on the outside of a home on a window prevent up to 95% or more solar heat gain. When installed on the inside they prevent up to 50% solar heat gain. This equates to significant savings on summer cooling bills. Some studies have reported up to 20% or more savings.

Interior Roller Shades and Solar Screens are great for blocking harmful UV radiation, which causes sun to fade walls, windows, and furniture. They also prevent sun glare that interferes with Television viewing. Light colored shades/screens allow sunlight into home, but still block UV radiation and heat. Dark colored shades/screens deflect light and still block UV radiation and heat.

Interior Roller Shades and Screens cost less than Exterior Solar Screens. We can help you determine the right solution for your home and budget. We offer free in home consultations and measuring.

Interior Window Roller Shades

Benefits and Uses of Roller Shades and Solar Screens:

  • Choose 100% Blackout for a bedroom to block street lights or daylight
  • Perfect for covering theater room windows to get the perfect movie watching experience
  • Choose a lighter colored screen to allow sunlight into room, but still blocking heat and radiation
  • Soften a room’s look
  • No cumbersome cleaning routine, like with slatted blinds
  • Easy operation
  • Choose battery or electric for those hard to reach areas
  • Various color selection
  • Various fabric weave selection
  • Name Brands: Mermet * Kirsch * Phifer * Pristine
  • Better pricing than big box home improvement stores


Choose our track system with an inside window jamb mount to prevent 100% of daylight or streetlight from entering room.

Choose our track system with an inside window jamb mount to prevent 100% of daylight or streetlight from entering room.

Perfect for covering windows in a bedroom for a daytime sleeper.

With our retractable interior window shades, you can create the perfect nighttime sleeping environment no matter the time of day. According to Stanford Health Care reports when the Circadian Rhythm is disturbed it interrupts proper sleep patterns.

Among other things that cause this disturbance, the primary interrupters are lights and shift work. See more details at link below

Beautifies Your Home

Window roller Shades and Solar Screens add a touch of class to any room. They offer a unique solution for dressing up a window, softening a room, or standing out among boring window treatments found at friends or family.

Our retractable interior window shades block heat, harmful UV radiation, fading sunrays that ruin floors, walls and furniture, and nighttime lights that prevent deep sleep. Choose from various thickness and UV Blocks. Control the amount of sunlight allowed in home. Our 85% UV Block material is the most popular choice among homeowners. Our window roller shades prevent heat gain through windows and doors, blocks 85% of UV radiation, but still allows for a clear view to the outside.

Palmetto Outdoor Spaces can help you create the perfect environment for relaxing, sleeping, entertaining, or saving energy with our Porter Preston Roller Shades and Screens.

Let us help you determine the best option for your home. Call for a free consultation. (864) 553-0478

More information about Heat Gain and Sleep Disorders: