Clear Vinyl Rollup Curtains

Enclose your porch or patio with Clear Vinyl Curtains to block winter wind and rain.  Get more enjoyment from your porch year round.

Choose from snap in clear vinyl curtains or motorized clear vinyl drop curtains.  We sell and install Dura Screen Brand Clear Vinyl Curtains that offer the option for dual track system: clear curtains for winter and solar screen for summer.   We can cover up to a 24’ width opening.  You may also like our Eclipse brand clear vinyl curtains.

Each option offers specific benefits for protecting your outdoor living space.  We can help you determine the best solution for your space and budget.

Restaurant vinyl curtains

We can even cover an obtuse opening, design around odd shapes and jet-outs.

Clear Vinyl Curtains are great for enclosing porches to extend enjoyment past the normal seasonal use.  They block cold winter winds, rain, and protect patio furniture.

Unlike paneling a porch with glass windows or walls that create a permanent room that needs to be cooled in summer, adding clear vinyl curtains allows the homeowner to roll-up curtains or stow them away in summer.

The purpose of having a porch, patio, or outdoor living room is to experience the joys of nature.  Adding a sunroom or permanently enclosing an existing porch separates the homeowner from the beautiful outdoors.

Come Spring, retract the curtains, if motorized versions were installed, or take down the snap-in version, stow away under bed or in basement.   Enjoy connection with nature during warmer months.

Restaurant owners can enclose an outdoor dining area to provide a warm protected environment for customers.

Solaira Outdoor Infrared Quartz Heaters are a great addition for your porch or patio.  You may not choose to enclose your outdoor area for winter, but you can still add an infrared heater to warm things up.

Infrared heats the occupants and not the surrounding air, therefore they are a good choice for open decks, covered patios, and pergolas.

Warm up your outdoor eating area for guest with Solaira Quartz Heaters.

Enclosed Restaurant in Asheville NC with Solaira Heaters.

Palmetto Outdoor Spaces sells the Solaira Brand outdoor heaters, the industries leader in portable heating.

See Solaira’s  website for calculating the size and number of heaters appropriate for heating your outdoor room or give us a call, we can help.