Our Patio Projects in Greenville, SC

The Perfect Patio Cover for Spartanburg Homeowners.

Greenville-Spartanburg Patio Cover Install

This project required a custom sized American Louvered Roof: 21′ x 18′. As we can see in the before picture the distance from the floor of the new deck and the bottom side of the soffit is less than nine feet, therefore to attain the proper height to allow for fans the rafters were placed in roof area over soffit.

The American Louvered Roof can be closed completely, protecting your patio from sun and rain. It may also be closed partially, still blocking sun, but allowing hot air to escape. Palmetto Outdoor Spaces added two UL Wet Listed Fans to help further cool their patio space. The American Louvered Roof company claims that patio temperatures are reduced by 15 – 20 degrees. Our customer agrees, they do experience cooler temperatures up to 15 degrees less than in the yard, and a refreshing breeze under their roof on hot days.

In colder months they can open their patio cover roof to allow sunshine and the warming solar energy back onto their patio and into their home. The option to open and close the roofs helps with energy bills: keeping hot sun out of the home in summer and allowing it in the home during winter.

Here’s what the homeowners had to say:

“Charlotte, we LOVE our new louvered roof! I feel like I am in paradise sitting on our patio. The new roof completes our patio and it is unbelievable the difference in temperature. We can sit out any time of day and be comfortable. David and Tim did a great job with the installation and treated it like they were building their own. I am so glad we ran into you guys at Greenville Boat Show. We are VERY satisfied customers so please feel free to use us as a reference if anyone has questions. Thanks so much and it was a pleasure working with you.”