Our Patio Projects in Greenville, SC

image009What, a Remote Control Pergola That Opens and Closes?

These homeowners had been thinking about covering their patio for a while. They were glad they had waited and not settled for an awning. They love the versatility to add or remove light from their patio space. Thye even noticed a difference in temperature in the kitchen this summer when the roof was closed.

The louvers on this freestanding perola extend over the gutters, caputuring rain water and diverting it to the front of patio. The homeowners stay dry when walking out the back door. A pergola adds architectural detail and beauty to any backyard, however, it does not protect your patio from rain or sun.image010 The remote controlled pergola, the American Louvered Roof, adds beauty and function. It is manufactured in the USA by Cardinal Aluminum in Louisville, Kentucky. It will last a lifetime, unlike a traditional treated wood pergola that has to be painted or replaced after time.

Here’s what the homeowners had to say:

“To answer the question of how do we like our American Louvered Roof – we don’t like it at all – WE LOVE IT! Bill’s only complaint about the patio is that he doesn’t have a lounge chair or hammock out there so he can nap on Saturday afternoons when he is done with yard work! I dare say we have spent more time out on the patio this summer than we have in any of the 20+ summers we have lived in the house.
Every time we are out there Bill will tell me how glad he is that I took him to the home show so he could meet you guys and see the louvered roof product. He says he wishes we would have put up the patio cover years ago – personally I’m glad we waited because if we had gotten a cover previously it wouldn’t have been the louvered roof system. We would have either gone with a retractable awing or a solid aluminum patio.
The louvered roof gives us the flexibility to change our patio to fit whatever mood or weather condition we are in. If we want more light we just open it up and can just as quickly close it up if the weather changes.
Changing weather here in the Carolinas is a given so having the ability to stand inside my home in one of our famous down pours and close up the patio is great. It also means that cookouts and time spent with family and friends doesn’t have to be put on hold because of uncertain weather conditions. Bill and I are already talking about when we can do a patio and cover on the lower section of the backyard to increase our entertaining area.”