Our Patio Projects in Greenville, SC

Bronze Patio Cover

Bronze Patio Cover

Bronze Patio Cover Adds Beauty to Blah Backyard.

The new bronze color was introduced this Spring. This roof was cut onsite to accommodate the baywindow. Louvers can be cut to work around a fireplace, intersecting roofs, bay windows, or other jet outs.

As we can see this roof is pitched away from the home and rain water is diverted toward the yard away from the patio. Post were installed on the outside of the patio and anchored to concrete footers. This avoids cutting into your existing patio.

The homeowners can open their roof in the winter to allow sunshine inside and onto their patio, helping with colder weather energy bills. A hip and gable roof or sunroom would permanently block that valueable solar energy from coming back into house.

They love the coverage and protection they now have on their patio.